Pace Yourself To Health is a proud partner of Superior Healthcare Group, the largest provider of Regenerative and Functional Medicine Therapies in Atlanta. Superior Healthcare Group is a national enterprise with clinics in Ohio, Louisiana, Washington D.C., Alabama and Georgia. They pride themselves on their extraordinary people, an elite medical and administrative staff second to none. Superior Healthcare Group offers the latest and most advanced and effective technology in regenerative medicine. Experience The Superior Difference!

After nearly two years of due diligence in the regenerative medical space and upon reviewing the top companies and labs across the country we came to the clear conclusion that Catalyst had the best overall comprehensive offering due to the following; They have a specific variety of elite quality regenerative medical therapies that work independently as well as synergistically together to treat the needs of the whole patient while having the highest percentage of positive patient outcomes at the same time as maintaining the lowest level of risk. The quality and variety of their products are second to none but the real convincing factor for us was their team. Behind every great company are even greater people. The Catalyst team are all extremely knowledgeable and have a relentless commitment to help and support our individual Physician’s success. They offer business and marketing support to help ensure our network of Physician’s ultimate success with a lucrative regenerative medical model. We believe that after meeting their team and working with them first hand that you too will come to the same conclusion that we have. Catalyst PRN just makes good cents.

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When looking at the evolution of physical therapy and rehabilitation over the past 20 plus years unfortunately not much has evolved until now. Dr. Scott Bertrand, former member of 101st Airborne, with a background in pharmacy and a Doctor of Chiropractic, out of necessity was forced to design a rehabilitation device to recover from breaking his neck as a result of a pool accident. What developed is the ALLCORE 360, the only rehabilitation and physical therapy device in the world that does what it does, working over 50 core related muscles simultaneously to strengthen, condition and balance the core like nothing else in history. The ALLCORE 360 features a very compelling cash and reimbursement model to help you create a thriving functional medicine practice within your existing clinic. You and your team will receive all of the business and marketing support to implement the ALLCORE 360 into your existing practice which will develop new patient flow as well as add additional positive patient outcomes and services to your existing patient base. You too can become a part of history in the making by offering the latest rehabilitation and physical therapy device in the world, The ALLCORE 360!

Most modern-day health and nutrition experts around the world agree that proper bioavailable supplementation is now necessary considering the lack of nutrients in today’s soil and the lack of nutritional potency from our foodstuffs due to the time from the garden to the table along with our nutrition depleted processed foods. High potency, food derived, nutraceuticals and micronutrient supplements are now considered necessary for optimal health and wellness and can also play an integral part of helping to correct degenerative conditions. The health science team behind PURELIFE has invested multi-millions of dollars over the past 25 plus years selecting and assembling superior ingredients from around the globe to produce the highest level of efficacy in bio-available nutraceutical supplementation. Their menu of products can be private labeled for your specific practice or can be offered under the PURELIFE brand. After over 30 years of experience in this space, we have concluded that the potency, efficacy, bio-availability and unique differentiating active ingredients, that the PURELIFE brand offers are the highest quality nutraceutical supplements available and provide the very best patient outcomes.


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