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AllCore 360/Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna Therapy – Time Capsule

The AllCore360 Time Capsule is a cutting edge therapy that may potentiate human optimization at a very rapid pace. This is a revolutionary therapy that could have extremely positive effects on many different health areas. Essentially, the AllCore360 is leveraging the effects of gravity to produce profound changes in the body. Some of these changes may include rapid changes in improved strength, improved circulation, improved energy, increases in metabolic rate (burn more calories), blood pressure normalization, pain reduction, improvements with balance and coordination, better nervous system control and an increased sense of overall wellbeing.

To go a step further, let’s discuss some of the health ramifications that our astronauts face while working in space, that has a lack, or, massive reduction in gravity. While the human body is under the effects of Earth’s gravity, blood and other body fluids are pulled towards the lower half of the body. In microgravity environments or lack thereof, the blood tends to collect in the upper half of the body. This change in blood flow causes less tissue perfusion of oxygen leading to muscle atrophy and weakness in the lower half of the body. This weakness distributes through the entire body causing decreases in coordination and balanced perception. While in space, the left and right ventricles also decrease in size and the heart is a muscle that also goes through atrophy. With the ventricular decrease, ejection fraction is affected leading to less blood flow and tissue oxygenation throughout the human body. Oxygen is a catalyst for the electron transport chain in the mitochondria to synthesize ATP production. All cells in the human body require ATP to function properly. The AllCore360 harnesses gravity and therefore creates an amplified effect leading to perhaps the exact opposite of what is being described above. Naturally speaking, while using the AllCore360, you may experience wide-spread increases in blood flow, tissue oxygenation, and an increase in ATP synthesis. The blood is the life force for all processes in the body.

Reaching our full potential can be hard and confusing with the wide array of information out there. The term “Athletic Enhancement” refers to optimizing one’s athletic potential to overcome plateaus and perform to our full potential. This requires a balance in the body. Balance is attained through hormone optimization, vitamin and mineral utilization, proper diet, and training. At Pace Yourself to Health, we look at this area and provide a full package service to help you achieve the best state you can reach.