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Leslye Pace, M.D. CMO

Dr. Leslye Pace has been a practicing Anesthesiologist with a Fellowship in Pain Management for the past two decades. She completed her internship, residency, and fellowship at the University of Alabama, Birmingham. For many years as a Pain Management Physician, Dr. Pace has as most Physicians alleviated symptoms rather than treat the causative factors of her patients’ degenerative conditions. She is more inspired than ever to be a medical doctor and be empowered to finally help regenerate and restore health from the inside out at a cellular level. The moment you meet Dr. Pace you instantly recognize her sincere compassion and dedication to redeem the definition of HealthCARE for each and every one of her patients!

John Pace, President

John Pace is one of the most passionate and committed health and wellness professionals in the industry. At 57 years young, John has lived what he teaches for the past 40 plus years resulting in a personal state of optimal health and well-being. After nearly two decades working with Physicians of all specialties, he has learned the most advanced, time-tested, proven health and wellness strategies available. He will inspire you to Pace Yourself to achieve and maintain your personal state of optimal health and well-being. No matter what your age or medical condition is everyone can take one step at a time and pace themselves towards a healthier, pain-free lifestyle. The dynamic duo of The Pace Yourself Team, will mentor and care for you every step of the way to your best possible You!

What Other Renowned Medical Professionals Say About Us

<span class="test-author">Jeffrey A. Donahue, M.D.</span>

Jeffrey A. Donahue, M.D.,
Anti-Aging | Functional & Regenerative Medicine | LSU School of Medicine

The Pace Yourself Team passionately lives all that they teach, they are the ideal model of living a purpose-driven, empowered life making them more than qualified to help others do the same. You have everything to gain by becoming a patient and student of Pace Yourself To Health!

<span class="test-author">Sonny Dosanjh, M.D.</span>

Sonny Dosanjh, M.D.,
ABMS Board Certified | Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation | Medici Medical Arts -CMO | Associate Professor Emory

The Pace’s have a contagious enthusiasm for helping people increase the quality and longevity of their lives and reaching their state of optimal health and well-being. They take you to the top of the summit to see all that life is meant to be and help you stay there and enjoy the abundant life every day.

<span class="test-author">Paul King White, M.D.</span>

Paul King White, M.D.,
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation | Emory University School of Medicine

The dynamic duo, John Pace and Dr. Leslye Pace, take you on an inspiring journey of self-discovery and help transform your body, mind, and spirit producing the best you yet. They make the process pleasurable and inspiring for all ages. They provide the most effective, life-transforming, regenerative and functional medical therapies and curriculum that will change your life for the good and then some!


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