Canaan Valley Retreat


Our dedicated health and wellness professionals offer the best in integrated medicine featuring the latest science-based, holistic health empowerment strategies from around the world. We feature the most inspirational, motivational, educational life application health and wellness curriculum and professional coaching that promises to transform you and yours into the healthiest, most vibrant human being achievable. We present key essential knowledge and timeless wisdom necessary to improve your mindset, create an anti-inflammatory alkaline environment, empower your biochemistry from a cellular level, and replace poor habits with better habits for practical everyday life, thus boosting your energy and life force to new heights!


Additional Information

John “Giovanni” Pace is a real life “Rocky” Peak Performance Strategist, Master Motivator and Premier Life Coach (Certified Advanced Physical Fitness Specialist by the Cooper Institute Dallas Texas). As the Founder and CEO of Canaan Valley Farm, a Sustainable Health & Wellness Community in “The Valley Above The Clouds” Suches, Georgia, he leads a world-class integrative medical team offering life transforming immersion experiences amidst a pristine mountain retreat. John has spent the past 30 plus years dedicated to a life of optimal health and well-being. He’s read hundreds of the most respected health and wellness books and subscribes to the philosophies of Dr. Andrew Weil (8 Weeks To Optimal Health), Dr. T. Colin Campbell (The China Study & Forks Over Knives), Dr. Joel P Fuhrman (Super immunity). John presents world-class motivational and educational health and wellness seminars that are guaranteed to inspire lasting change. He has recruited the best-integrated weight-loss, longevity, anti-age, and functional medical professionals in the industry. John invites all those who think “I have tried everything” to come and experience The Way.



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