Our Pace Yourself Regenerative and Functional Medical Consulting Group are headed by expert business developers, practitioners, and medical professionals that have built national and regional healthcare brands. Our team is equipped with the know-how and hands-on experience to help you and your team build a sustainable, lucrative, regenerative and functional cash practice within your existing medical clinic.

Our affiliate partners all join this concerted effort along with their vast experience and expert support to help ensure your personal success. Fees range from $300 – $900 per hour depending upon the specific personnel required and the number of total team members necessary to achieve the targeted objectives of the Physician and their team. In most cases 10 – 12 hours of hands-on consulting and implementation is sufficient for establishing a solid foundation to build your regenerative and functional cash practice.

We offer all the aspects of clinical and administrative support including copywritten, licensed, regenerative and functional educational videos for prospective new and existing patients, practice diagnostic platforms to measure, monitor and manage your ongoing progress and growth. We also specialize in empowering you and your team to create a world-class patient experience for each and every valued patient which helps to ensure long-term growth and sustainability of your practice.

From business development, administrative support, marketing, sales, and implementation, we cover and support all the necessary components to remove all the guesswork to help ensure your success. Our content and support are based on, hands-on, proven medical models that have evolved into multi-million-dollar cash practices that continue to thrive. Are you ready to help more patients transform the quality of their health and well-being while at the same time help yourself and your practice thrive and sustain a profitable regenerative and functional cash practice within your existing clinic? How can we help you? 

Call today for your Free Consultation to learn how our Pace Yourself Practice Specialists can help you and your team grow your existing clinic into a thriving regenerative and functional cash practice. You will be thankful you did and so will your patients!