Physician-Oriented Solutions

Heal your patients at the next level by implementing a lucrative, sustainable, regenerative and functional medical practice into your existing clinic. Pace Yourself Experts have performed extensive due diligence and designed the best regenerative and functional offerings available to help drive your patients to better health and refer more patients as a result. Most regenerative and functional therapies are considered lunchtime, cash-only procedures. Third-party financing options for qualified patients are also available, opening the door to a larger number of prospective patients.

Go beyond traditional medicine

Patients now expect more from their Physician. Our science-based medical offerings help correct degenerative conditions rather than alleviate symptoms.

Simple, Lunch-Time Therapies

Based upon your state, Physicians and qualified nurses can administer these lunch-time therapies after patients undergo an initial exam and assessment.

Integrative Medical Solutions

We'll equip you and your team with complete integrative training plus provide you with business and marketing support so all the guesswork is eliminated.

Guarantee Your Individual Success

Help your patients live healthier more pain-free lives while helping Physicians stabilize and sustain a thriving medical practice that can help more patients.

Empower Your Patients

With Cost-Effective, outpatient therapies.
We offer the safest and most effective, FDA compliant regenerative and functional medical therapies available. Integrate our proven, natural, pain management treatments to achieve the best possible patient outcomes through one-on-one mentoring, and optimal, micronutrient-centric, nutritious and delicious eating regimens. Each plan is customized around the individual patient's activity and exercise prescription.

Guarantee Your Success

Join the revolutionary regenerative and functional medicine movement and help heal the system as well as your patients, with our advanced consulting and support services that help guarantee your success.

What Our Clients Say About Us?

<span class="test-author">Jeffrey A. Donahue, M.D.</span>

Jeffrey A. Donahue, M.D.,
Anti-Aging | Functional & Regenerative Medicine | LSU School of Medicine

The Pace Yourself Team passionately lives all that they teach, they are the ideal model of living a purpose-driven, empowered life making them more than qualified to help others do the same. You have everything to gain by becoming a patient and student of Pace Yourself To Health!

<span class="test-author">Sonny Dosanjh, M.D.</span>

Sonny Dosanjh, M.D.,
ABMS Board Certified | Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation | Medici Medical Arts -CMO | Associate Professor Emory

The Pace’s have a contagious enthusiasm for helping people increase the quality and longevity of their lives and reaching their state of optimal health and well-being. They take you to the top of the summit to see all that life is meant to be and help you stay there and enjoy the abundant life every day.

<span class="test-author">Paul King White, M.D.</span>

Paul King White, M.D.,
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation | Emory University School of Medicine

The dynamic duo, John Pace and Dr. Leslye Pace, take you on an inspiring journey of self-discovery and help transform your body, mind, and spirit producing the best you yet. They make the process pleasurable and inspiring for all ages. They provide the most effective, life-transforming, regenerative and functional medical therapies and curriculum that will change your life for the good and then some!

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The only way to achieve optimal health is to understand your body, formulate a customized regimen, and apply your knowledge on a daily basis. We've done that successfully hundreds of times. And we want to help you!